Supervising and Mentoring the Beginning Teacher: An Affirming Approach
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This book is designed for professional educators, specifically those persons who have responsibility for mentoring and supervising beginning teachers. This includes both university supervisors and cooperating teachers during the student teaching internship, plus the local school mentor assigned to a new teacher.

Provides practical strategies for mentoring and supervising beginning teachers to help them survive the first years of teaching. Beginning teachers themselves will find this book particularly useful as a "coaching manual" or "play book" in their teaching career.

Includes these topics:
  • Development of the Beginning Teacher
  • Affirming Roles and Processes for Teacher Development
  • Affirming the Beginning Teacher
  • Collaboratively Scored Teacher Assessment

    The appendices contain many useful forms and records used commonly in classrooms. Examples of actual observation narratives of teachers by the university supervisor will provide guidance to the supervisor/mentor in giving affirmation to the efforts of the beginning teacher.

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