Purple and Green and Stinky in Spring
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New second edition (first edition now out of print). Ages 9+. Thirty-nine "Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick" columns about bugs, plants, water, farming, and wildlife. Among the short (two-page) chapters: "The Gloppy Glop Inside a Pumpkin," "Slimy Slime and Why Fish Need It," "Those Big Green Balls That Look Like Brains," and "Not All Cows are Black and White." A good book for a child who likes science and nature. Ohio State's award-winning "Smart Stuff" feature makes science, nature, and reading fun for kids. "Twig" himself is a cartoon bug - in real life, editor Kurt Knebusch of OSU Extension and the university's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center - whose column appears weekly in newspapers and on Web sites. Learn more and browse past columns at http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~news/archive.php?series=science.
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