Pesticide Core Exam Preparation-Pestcide Pest Management Lesson
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Pesticide Pest Management Lesson focuses on the understanding integrated pest management (IPM), main groupings of pest, the historical perspective of pest management, resources to identify specific pests and damage symptoms and the significance of preventive measures. Applicators will also learn about pest population levels and environmental influences, pesticide resistance and what causes pesticides to fail.

Pesticide Pest Management is one lesson in the Pesticide Certification Lesson Collection to help pesticide applicators prepare for the state pesticide applicator exam. You will receive an e-mail with the access code for the online lesson. You'll be able to access the lesson for 30 days. There are a total of 10 lessons that can also be purchased as a collection. The lessons are focused on the Core exam for both commercial and private applicators and are a supplement to OSU Bulletin 825 - Applying Pesticides Correctly.
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