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The newly revised Ohio Agronomy Guide (472) serves as the official compilation of adaptive results and recommendations from research and educational programs. Described in this manual is information on Ohio's climate and soil, soil and water management, soil fertility, and corn, small grain, and forage crop production and management. Also, seed evaluation and weed control for the previously listed crops are discussed. Three new chapters have been added: "Considerations for Using Cover Crops" (Chapter 10), "Conducting On-Farm Research" (Chapter 11), and "Precision Agriculture" (Chapter 12).
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by Peter
on 11/14/2017
Senior Research Engineer - Computational Science
Was most concerned with the chapters on experimental methods and precision agriculture. The chapter on experimental methods was very good for explaining the use of common statistical tools to gain a clear understand of gain or loss as farmers try different approaches to improving crop yield and quality.

The chapter on precision agriculture was not so satisfying. It did give a good top-level summary. However, acronyms such as NDVI and ADVI were not explained. There was no explanation on interpreting the figures for that subsection. Nor was there any clue as to how data should be collected and transformed into an application map. There should also be some clue as to where OSU papers, presentations, and other documents on the topic are stored.

This could be a very good chapter for bringing information on precision agriculture together. The chapter should be retained and improved to provide more detailed information and citations and pointers to who in OSU is engaged.
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