(153EN) Stored Grain Insect Control $7.50
(271) Your Lawn $7.50
(374NR) Ohio Pond Management $12.25
(472HO) Ohio Agronomy Guide, 15th Edition $15.75
(504EN) Insect and Mite Control on Woody Ornamentals and Herbaceous Perennials $7.50
(631PP) Field Crop Disease Management $3.75
(633) Incubation and Embryonic Development $7.50
(639) Seed Treatment for Agronomic Crops $7.50
(670NR) Ohio Christmas Tree Producers Manual $47.50
(700NR) Ohio Trees (Hardbound) $17.00
(744) Nitrate in Drinking Water $7.50
(762) Horse Nutrition $13.75
(780) Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home Fruit Plantings $10.00
(782) Brambles-Production, Management, and Marketing $18.25
(789) 2017 Ohio, Indiana and Illinois Weed Control Guide $14.75
(795) Bacteria in Drinking Water $7.50
(817) Calibrating Turfgrass Chemical Application Equipment $11.75
(820) Pesticides and Groundwater Contamination $5.00
(821) Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: Field Crops-Student Workbook $8.00
(821-12) Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: Seed Treatment-Student Workbook $5.00
(825) Applying Pesticides Correctly (Core Manual) $10.00
(825-A) Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: Core-Student Workbook $8.00
(826) Asparagus Production, Management, and Marketing $9.50
(827) Corn, Soybean, Wheat and Alfalfa Field Guide $12.50
(829) Mound System: Pressure Distribution of Wastewater $7.50
(841-2A) A Study Guide for Commercial Agronomic Pest Control Applicators $28.25
(841-5) Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: A Study Guide for Commercial Industrial Vegetation Applicators $6.00
(841-6A) Ohio Pesticide Safety Education Program: A Study Guide for Commercial Ornamental Applicators $22.50
(841-6C) Ohio Pesticide Safety Education Program: A Study Guide for Commercial Ornamental Weed Applicators $21.50
(841-8) Ohio Pesticide Applicator Training: A Study Guide for Commercial Turfgrass Applicators $18.50
(845) Selecting and Planting Trees $7.50
(854) Septage Management in Ohio $7.50
(855) Basic Concepts of Farm Income Taxation $9.75
(856) North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual: Second Edition (Looseleaf) $38.75
(857) Multiflora Rose Control $7.50
(860) Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater Through Irrigation for Ohio Communities $7.50
(861) Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook $29.75
(862) Transferring Your Farm Business to the Next Generation $23.75
(863-S) Safety Training Guide for Trained Servicepersons: A Guide for Non-Certified Pesticide Handlers (Spanish) $0.00
(864) Dairy Excel's 15 Measures of Dairy Farm Competitiveness $20.00
(865) Native Plants of Ohio $10.50
(867) Controlling Weeds in Nursery and Landscape Plantings $7.50
(868) Water Quality Project Evaluation $0.00
(869) Tri-State Swine Nutrition Guide $7.50
(870) Trees and Home Construction $7.50
(874) Landscape and Garden Plant Evaluations $13.00
(876) Sand and Media Bioreactors for Wastewater Treatment for Ohio Communities $7.50
(877) Street Tree Evaluation Project $22.50
(879) Biosolids Application to Agricultural Land: Utilizing Biosolid Analysis to Meet Crop Nutrient Needs $9.25
(882) Safe Drinking Water: How Can We Provide It in Our Community? $7.50
(883) Parasite Control in Sheep: Biologic Approaches for the New Millennium $8.50
(886) About My Families and Me: Program for Kids Living in a Stepfamily $140.00
(888) Cultural Practices in Vegetable Crop Weed Management Programs $7.50
(891) In Over Your Head: Life-Saving Strategies for Financial Crisis $7.50
(892) Orchard Spray Rates: How to Determine the Amount of Pesticide and Water to Use in Your Orchard $7.25
(895) Profitable Soybean Disease Management in Ohio $7.50
(896) Suitability of Ohio Soils for Treating Wastewater $9.00
(898) Soil Quality in Vegetable and Small Fruit Production $12.50
(899) Leaf Identification Key to Eighty-Eight Ohio Trees $7.50
(904) Keep Food Safe: A Complete Curriculum to Help Home Cooks Prepare Food Safely (Publication/CD) $52.25
(905FO) Soil and Site Evaluation for Onsite Wastewater Treatment $7.50
(907FO) Live Smart: Health and Safety Activities for Youth Clubs $8.25
(909) Vegetation Establishment and Management Guidelines for Constructed Basins for Agricultural Water Treatment $12.25
(912) On-site Sprinkler Irrigation of Treated Wastewater in Ohio $7.50
(913) Exploring Your Community Water System $8.75
(916) BMPs for Erosion Control for Logging Practices in Ohio $7.50
(918) Profitable Soybean Cultural Practices $8.25
(919) Midwest Grape Production Guide $22.50
(921) Firewise Landscaping: Minimizing the Loss of Structures Caused by Forest and Grass Fires $7.50
(922) Safe Food Handling for Occasional Quantity Cooks (CD) $62.50
(923) DRIFTSIM: Predicting Drift Distances of Spray Droplets (CD) $10.00
(924) Ash Replacements for Urban and Woodland Plantings $11.75
(926) Midwest Strawberry Production Guide $17.75
(928) Master Money Mentor Program Training Manual (CD) $65.00
(938) Improving Wheat Profits in Ohio $7.50
(940) Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide $23.25
(941) Getting to Know Salamanders in Ohio $7.50
(942) Mushrooms and Macrofungi of Ohio and the Midwestern States: A Resource Handbook $26.25
(943) Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater: Disinfection to Protect Public Health $7.50
(945) Gypsum as an Agricultural Amendment $7.50
(946) Homebuyer's Guide $9.75
(948) 2017 Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers $15.00
(962) Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: Managing a Nonnative Invasive Pest in Ohio $0.00
(965) Smart Eating for Young Children- Printed Book $10.25
(A003SP) Agronomy - Insect Specimen Set $609.99
(A007TX) Introduction to Greenhouse Production $129.99
(A017LM) Introduction to the Foundations of Dog Grooming $69.99
(ACE-1) Abnormal Corn Ears Poster $11.75
(ATV-1) ATV Safety for Agriculture $35.50
(B013CD) Ohio SAEP Printable Record Keeping System CD-ROM $97.99
(BFSD) Beware the Flying Steamer Duck! $9.95
(CFAES2) Bee ID Card (set of 25) $9.99
(DDGS) Dining With Diabetes Grocery Store DVD $25.00
(E023LM) Tree Worker's Manual $19.99
(e780) Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home Fruit Plantings-PDF $5.00
(e789) Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana and Illinois 2017 PDF $9.99
(e813) Mound Systems for Onsite Wastewater Treatment $10.00
(e827) Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa Field Guide - PDF $10.00
(e856) North American Maple Syrup Producer's Manual (PDF Only) $20.00
(e861) Midwest Small Fruit Pest Management Handbook $23.00
(e862) Transferring Your Farm Business to the Next Generation $15.50
(e919) Midwest Grape Production Guide $15.00
(e926) Midwest Strawberry Production Guide $12.00
(e929) Urban Coyote Ecology and Management (PDF) $5.00
(e939) Septic Tank - Soil Treatment Systems for Ohio Rural Homes PDF $9.99
(e942) Mushrooms and Macrofungi of Ohio and the Midwestern States PDF $10.00
(e946) Homebuyer's Guide (PDF Only) $5.00
(e964) Trends and Determinants of Farmland Sale Prices in Western Ohio 2001-2010 (PDF) $10.00
(e965) Smart Eating for Young Children - eBook $4.99
(e967) Social Indicators for Watershed Leadership $7.50
(EP7353) Protect Yourself from Pesticides: Guide for Pesticide Handlers $0.00
(F2BF) Fit 2B Fathers $350.00
(FA10) Cash Farm Receipts $0.00
(FA11) Current Cash Expenses (set of 25) $16.00
(FA3) Ohio Commercial Farm Account Book: Cash Receipts and Expense Fillers $10.25
(FA4) 5-Year Inventory and Depreciation Book $11.50
(FA7) Ohio Commercial Farm Account Book (Spiral Bound) $9.75
(FA8) Ohio Farm Account Book (Gray and Red) $7.50
(FAS-01) Farm*A*Syst: What Is Ohio Farm*A*Syst? $0.00
(FAS-02) Farm*A*Syst: Drinking Water Well Condition/Location $0.00
(FAS-03) Farm*A*Syst: Ponds and Cisterns for Drinking Water $0.00
(FAS-04) Farm*A*Syst: Pesticide Storage and Handling $0.00
(FAS-05) Farm*A*Syst: Improving Fertilizer Storage and Handling $0.00
(FAS-06) Farm*A*Syst: Liquid Fuels-Gasoline, Heating Oil, Diesel Oil, Kerosene, and Other Fuels $0.00
(FAS-07) Farm*A*Syst: Hazardous Waste Management $0.00
(FAS-08) Farm*A*Syst: Household Wastewater Treatment $0.00
(FAS-09) Farm*A*Syst: Reducing Contamination by Improving Livestock Waste Storage and Treatment Facilities $0.00
(FAS-10) Farm*A*Syst: Livestock Yards Management $0.00
(FAS-11) Farm*A*Syst: Silage Storage $0.00
(FS859) Diner Detective Education Program for Food Service Employees $18.50
(FS859P) Diner Detective Posters (Set of 5) $21.25
(HBMP1) Hairy Blenny and The Monkeyface Prickleback $9.50
(HBMP2) Hairy Blenny (Freshwater Life) Book 2 $9.95
(KFSS) Keep Food Safe (English and Spanish) $40.00
(L187) Management of Turfgrass Pests, 2004 $9.50
(MM-1) Memories and Milestones of Ohio State University Extension 1905-2013 $10.00
(NCR45) Diseases of Tree Fruits in the East $29.00
(NCR614) Early Spring Weeds of No-Till Crop Production $9.00
(NCR63) Common Tree Fruit Pests $51.25
(PGSS) Purple and Green and Stinky in Spring $9.95
(SCPACV) Successful Co-Parenting: A Child's View $50.00
(T001LM) What Being A Teacher Is All About $11.99
(T002EG) Supervising and Mentoring the Beginning Teacher: An Affirming Approach $23.99
(T003TX) Preparing and Advancing Teachers in Agricultural Education $49.99
(TW001) Tough Work: Understanding and Serving People in Poverty While Caring for Yourself $149.00