Hairy Blenny and The Monkeyface Prickleback
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Written at a 4th-grade reading level, Hairy Blenny features 33 fun, fact-filled shorts about facets of freshwater life - fish, bugs, frogs, toads, lakes, rivers, wetlands, more - with a bit of saltwater thrown in too. All are based on Ohio State's weekly "Smart Stuff with Twig Walkingstick" science and nature column ( "Smart Stuff" features a six-legged cartoon bug named Twig. The column runs once a week in newspapers and on Web sites in Ohio, other states and Canada. Why bettas bubble, why kissing fish kiss, why peepers peep and why stinkpots stink represent some of the topics. "Great Big Squid Word," "Ode to the Otolith," "Where Have All the Big Fish Gone?" and "Hit in the Head by a High-flying Fat Fish" are some of the chapters. The book is for kids of all ages who like science and nature, says author Kurt Knebusch of OARDC and OSU Extension, but is especially for those in grades 3-5 or with an equivalent combination of curiosity and experience. A liking for terms such as "slime," "bloop," "splop" and "French grunt" is preferred but not required. Winner of the 2008 Gold Award for Writing in a Specialized Publication and the 2008 Outstanding Professional Skill Award for Writing from the Association for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences.
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